Monday, October 24, 2005

Now is the Time to be "Peacefully Radical" !

Our country is on the verge of losing our 2000th young life in a murderous and illegitimate war. We are outraged that our government brought us into this war based on lies, playing on the fears of good intentioned people who were shocked and afraid after 9/11.

What is more outrageous is how people of good conscience who have opposed this war from the beginning, and those that have come to recognize its illegitimacy have been targeted as unpatriotic. These people should be celebrated for their patriotism, strength and courage for speaking to the truth!

Among these is Cindy Sheehan. I am inspired by her courage as are many others. In a call to protest when the day comes, Cindy Sheehan wrote: "On the day of the 2000th, I will be in DC. I will go to the White House. Our house. I will sit on the sidewalk again and demand that the war criminals who live and work in there bring our troops home. I suggest, instead of candlelight vigils and singing 'Give Peace a Chance,' every person who cares about ending the immorality of the occupation of Iraq take signs and their presence to their Congressional offices near them and demand that each and every Congress person do everything in his/her power to bring our precious lifeblood home from the nightmare. It is time to get peacefully radical.What number are you comfortable with? One was too much for me."

Here is what we can do in our own area:

Day of the 2000th Death

CHICAGO, First day after 2,000 deaths announced: 5:00 pm, Kluczynski Federal Building Plaza, Dearborn between Jackson and Adams, downtown Chicago: There will be a display of the 2,000 names, ages and home states of U.S. military personnel killed in Iraq each with a photo of a pair of combat boots. Sponsored by American Friends Service Committee For Info, contact Mary Zerkel at 312-427-2533 or

MOBILIZE! November 2nd (Wed.) - World Can't Wait->Drive out the Bush Regime

On the first anniversary of Bush's "re-election,” participate in a massive day of resistance. Walk out of school, take off work, join with a diverse crowd of fed-up folks, and call on many more to join us in the beginning of the end of the Bush regime.

Chicago Rally, 12 noon, Federal Plaza, Dearborn & Adams
Oak Park Rally, 5 pm, Scoville Park, Lake St. & Oak Park Ave.

For more information, contact or call 773-412-8318


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