Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Remember their sacrifice...Prepare to make one of your own -

2000 dead young Americans. They had many reasons for going to war and many different life and family experiences. Maybe they died in different ways--some may have went down fighting, some when they least expected it, and others perhaps by friendly fire. But they all died in a war that was unnecessary and illegitimate.

Their sacrifice is not diminished by the illegitimacy of this war. They paid the ultimate price, and their sacrifice should be honored. Please join us tomorrow at 5:00 pm, at the Kluczynski Federal Building Plaza, Dearborn Street between Jackson and Adams, downtown Chicago as we gather to honor their sacrifice.

But it is not enough to simply remember their sacrifice. We must ask ourselves what our sacrifice will be. How far are we willing to go to end this illegitimate war--to end the lies and distortions? Are we willing to mobilize in protest so that our discontent can be heard in Washington D.C. and throughout our country? To be heard by our so-called leaders who refuse to lead us in the direction we have been asking them to. To be heard by weary citizens who no longer feel that they have a voice in our government.

The call to rise in protest pales in comparison to the sacrifice that these young men and women have made. But in order to fully honor their sacrifice, we cannot just sit around and wait. We must find our voice and let it be heard. Join us in mobilizing on November 2nd. The World Can't Wait - Drive out the Bush Regime.


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